Branch Manufacturing


Branch Manufacturing

There's a reason our customers think of us as their most valuable resource. We mix innovative technology with faithful personal service. From tooling design and building to precise testing and operation, we work as your partner in short and long run production of running dies and fabricating parts.

We're based on an operating philosophy of avid customer service. Since 1952, from our 60,000 square foot production plant less than an hour north of the Twin Cities, our objective is to continually produce results for you. How? Through advanced technological equipment, better production methods and safety precautions for craftsmen, and rapid turnaround via daily truck service to fit your just-in-time delivery.

Since success crowns success, we invite you to join a team where your needs are met resourcefully and eagerly, and with a united purpose. Call Tim, or Troy Fairbanks for a personal introduction to our qualifications.


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    (651) 674-4441
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    • 6420 Pine St, North Branch, MN 55056